Scaredy Cat by Mark Billingham (Book 2 in the DI Thorne series)

Set in London, a mother is strangled in front of her son after her killer chose her in Euston train station and followed them home. Also across the city, there is the same method murder taking place of a young woman and her body is found behind King’s Cross station.

In comes DI Tom Thorne and his team to save the day. During their investigation of the two murders, they discover that two other women were stabbed to death months before these recent murders on the same day.

It is DI Thorne that soon realises that the police are not just after one killer but two, and from the looks of things, they aren’t going to stop any time soon. Disturbed by the knowledge that finding one body means that another one is somewhere in London waiting to be discovered, DI Thorne and the team must work quickly and sensibly to catch these killers. All this whilst battling with everyday life and the powers that be, makes this a tough and pushing case but can the team catch the killers and save more people from dieing?????

Ok, so tried to not give too much away there, as I really recommend you read this book and see for yourself why this author has now been added to my top list of favourite authors along with Tess Gerritsen, Karen Rose and Karin Slaughter.

This is the second in the DI Thorne series but the first one of Mark Billingham’s that I have read, and I am pleased to say that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything from the first book (I am determined to read it now though as I loved this book so much that I need to complete the full series).

DI Thorne is a dark and mysterious character who seems to give the reader a little bit more with each page that you turn. I see him as an ‘always getting in trouble’ character but for the right reasons which is what makes him a loveable character for me personally – a loveable rogue if you will.

I also like his sergeant Dave Holland and thought he was another loveable character, who seemed to be struggling with his personal life as much as his work life but manages to keep the reader smiling throughout the book. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Sarah McEvoy, she definitely isn’t a character that I could take to and I felt most the time like I wanted to punch her (not that I could hurt a fly) but she seemed to rub me the wrong way throughout the book. I do always wonder though if that is what makes a good character, when they can stir something inside you even if it’s a loathing or niggle.

I really cannot recommend reading this book enough, the twists and turns themselves are amazing before you even start on the characters and main storyline. I have given this book 5 stars out of 5 and feel that the rest of his books are going to be much the same.

Thank you Mark Billingham for introducing me to some new (old) brilliant material and causing me to buy a bigger bookshelf to fit your books on!!!!!

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