The Holiday by T M Logan

A bit of a delay in writing this book review but in my defense, I am knitting and diamond painting, as well as completing yet another qualification. Anywhoooo I finally made time to write this before starting my next book.

So what is the The Holiday about???? Well here goes……….

Four best friends decide that they want to take a family holiday together in the South of France to celebrate Kates 40th birthday, after all what could be more perfect than best friends, husbands and children all relaxing in the gorgeous sunshine with not a care in the world, their worries left at home for another day…..or are they????

This holiday isn’t going to be as perfect as Kate thought it would be especially when she suspects that her husband is having an affair….with one of her friends! She is torment as to whether she confronts her husband and friend or wait until the holiday is over, but which friend is it and how is this going to impact her life, after all she has a son and daughter to think about and how it will affect them.

So many secrets and one of the gang seems prepared to go to great lengths to keep the secrets safe, even as far as murder.

I’m not going to lie, I have mixed feelings about this book from I wasn’t able to put it down, to I kind of seen what was coming and got annoyed that Kate didn’t confront her husband sooner. I do get that if this was the case then there wouldn’t be much of a story but I think it could maybe have taken a different route.

I felt that it dragged out a bit too much and didn’t grip me as much as other thrillers have done. I also felt that the kids were a bit too bratty for me and didn’t have a gripping storyline throughout, and I also think that some characters maybe didn’t even need to be in the book.

If you are looking for suspense and tension that has you hooked from the first page, then this isn’t the book for you, however if you want a light holiday read then go ahead, just don’t expect too much.

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