Dear Mrs Bird – A J Pearce

A lovely story set in London during WW2 about a young woman who’s dream of being a war journalist was about to become a reality………or was it????

When Emmeline Lake or Emmy for short answers an advertisement for the London Evening Chronicle, she is expecting to begin her journey of becoming a serious war correspondent but the job wasn’t quite what she was expecting and it turns out that she had actually applied to be a typist for the well known columnist Henrietta Bird.

Henrietta is a fierce character who has certain rules (and there is a lot of them) about the type of letters that she will respond to and there is no room for any unpleasant letters – whatsoever. With so many women needing help, how could Emmy follow these rules. Didn’t these women deserve some support and comfort during these hard times and surely as long as Mrs Bird didn’t find out then nothing could go wrong ?

This book was passed on to me by the wise one and she told me that even though it was slow going at first, stick with it and I wouldn’t be disappointed. She wasn’t wrong!

I agree that it is quite slow going to begin with and if i’m being honest, if the wise one hadn’t said stick with it, I may have given up on it, but I found that as I got to the middle of the book I was hooked.

I love the relationship between Emmy and her best friend Bunty but what I love more is the fact that this isn’t a book solely based around romance which is what I was expecting. It focuses more on the friendship and Emmy’s career which is quite refreshing for me. 

I also found that I was learning more about WW2 and what people had to deal with which was interesting. I actually really enjoyed this part of the book more, it was as though I was getting an education whilst reading a story that focused on a young womans’ career and personal life.

This is a light but heartwarming story of love, friendship, careers and heartache. Definitely worth a read for anyone who wants a break from murder or thriller novels (this is my usual) or just wants a nice summer read.

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