Blast from the past

Well three years later and I finally feel that I am in a good place to start this blog up again. Looking back over my journal posts on here, I can’t believe how much has changed and how much is still the same.

So for you future people (or crazy aliens) let me set the current scene for you……. the date is the 23rd April 2020 and we are all living in a time where scientists have found a way to make the weather constantly beautiful and perfect, alcohol and chocolate are part of a healthy lifestyle and I divorced the ‘carer’ to marry my new crush Zachary Levi (I know Zachary is such a lucky guy).

Ok, reality check – it is as stated the 23rd April 2020 and the world is currently on a lockdown (or as I keep calling it, much to the husbands’ despair – a shutdown (ring ring ring and its shutdown). The reason for the lockdown is a little thing called Covid 19, ok it’s not such a little thing but an awful disease that is killing people all over the world. We have been on lockdown since March and have another 3 weeks at least. With the lockdown happening, I decided that now was a good time to start my blog up again, sat in the back garden catching some rays contemplating life……with a bottle of water, I know healthy right?! So what has been going on in my life I hear you ask, well let’s take a little looksee J

Update on the wise ones – they are still going strong and wise one number two has not yet managed to eat himself into a diabetic coma, not for lack of trying I feel. Unfortunately, it is also a case of like father like daughter. God do I love me some sweetness!!!! The wise one is still working hard away during these times and continues to keep me on the sane path (well as best as she possibly can). They still continue to keep me upbeat and smiling on a daily basis, even if they do despair – love you both muchly.

The ‘carer’ – well what can I say about the husband. I am still married; can you believe it???? He has actually lasted with the craziness I possess, although he does call me mad on a daily basis. He finally got out of his job that had him working away from me and has now managed to secure something closer to home. I’m starting to think my insanity may rub off on him now. However, the one thing that hasn’t changed is that he still isn’t into Disney, I feel like after all these years, the only option left may be a divorce. Watch out Zachary Levi, I am coming for you!

I am still a crazy Disney lover who dreams of living in that magical castle with Prince Charming (hubby of course) and having a new adventure everyday – Goodness I miss Florida, or America in general to be fair. What a magical, amazing country, with some lovely people, amazing authors and crazy tv shows.

What else is there???? Oh yeah, I finally went and got myself a degree – yeah I completed my L4 Apprenticeship thanks to my shining light that is Nikki the great! Since then, I have completed an IAG level 2 course (definitely did not enjoy that course) and I am now about to start a level 2 in nutrition and health –  I wasn’t kidding when I said that I do love to learn. Speaking of, I wonder how much information a head can hold? If we are going along the lines of Chuck (mmmmmmmmm Zachary Levi), he is the intersect and holds a heck of a lot of information but I wonder if he has every Disney movie ever produced sitting in there.

I still haven’t managed to write a novel but I am determined that within the next 12 months, I will complete a creative writing course and finally be able to get my ideas onto paper.

During the past 12 months, I have got back into knitting and love doing a bit each night. So what’s the story behind this I hear you ask??? Well sadly, we lost Yoda (aka gran) last year and it had a massive impact on my life. I could sit here and go on about how amazing and strong she was but none of the words would do her any justice so I am not even going to attempt to try. So, back to the knitting, well it’s pretty simple really. She started to teach me to knit many moons ago (she is Yoda after all), and when heaven decided they wanted her help, I felt an overwhelming urge to pick the knitting needles up again. As time went on, I slowly taught myself different stitches and how to read patterns so I am definitely becoming my grans, granddaughter. My goal is to be able to knit anything other than squares and I would also like to learn to crochet, so any help is much appreciated.

I feel like there is so much to tell you but this could go on forever so if you have lasted this far then WELL DONE!!!! I am glad you stayed with me, just stick with me throughout my posts and I’ll be all good.

Anyway, hope you are all keeping well and happy to have my blogs back. I am currently reading Dear Mrs Bird, so once I have finished, you can look forward to an overdue book review.

Lots of love


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