Presumed Guilty – Tess Gerritsen

Miranda Wood returns home from a walk along the beach to find her ex-lover dead in her bed. She told him not to come over, that things are over between them but he clearly didn’t take no for an answer. Now she has to fight to prove her innocence whilst all the evidence is stacking up against her.
Richard’s brother wants to believe that she didn’t murder Richard but it gets harder every day when someone is trying to frame her. Helping Miranda to prove her innocence also reveals a lot of family secrets that were never meant to surface but helps her to find out who the stranger was that paid her extortionate bail and why they wanted her released.

As most of you are aware, Tess Gerritsen is my all time favourite author and although this is one of her older books (pre-Rizzoli & Isles) she never failed to disappoint. Don’t want to give too much away but you know certain things are going to happen with regards to the romantic side of thing but it still has you guessing. I always love Tess’ books for being able to picture the scene and characters so clearly.
I hated the character of Richards wife, she came across as spoilt and evil but you still feel for her a little knowing that her husband is a cheat. Her daughter however, I felt a lot of sympathy for. She isn’t in the book often but when she is, you feel for the fact that she is ambitious and clever but never gets a look in, whereas her brother is just a spoilt rich kid.

Fully recommend this if like me you love Tess Gerritsen.

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