Lying in Wait – Liz Nugent

Lydia Fitzsimons might have the happy family home with a loving husband and son but she still yearns for the one thing she can’t have and unfortunately, that thing leads to murder. Even with murder, it still doesn’t stop Lydia trying to get what she wants and stopping at nothing to get it.
Lydia’s son Laurence knows the truth but doesn’t want to admit to it making it a reality. In the meantime, he becomes involved with the murder victims sister without realising who she is.
In the meantime, Annie’s family has been destroyed by her murder but they have tried hard to keep her secrets from the media and police. Eventually, it will come out and they may not like what they hear.

I’ve got to be honest, I really didn’t rate this book at all. I read it through to the end but I don’t know why. After all the good reviews, I was really looking forward to it but found it really disappointing.
Lydia’s character was the most annoying character out of all of them. She comes across as spoilt, wrapping her son in cotton wool and stopping him from having a life. Even though she is mentally ill, she is still an annoying character. Laurence isn’t much better, not having a backbone until the end, at which point it was too late.

I don’t like giving bad reviews but I do have to give honest ones, which unfortunately for this book is not a good one. I wouldn’t rush out to buy this novel.

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