I’m watching you – Karen Rose

Book 2 of the Chicago series

Kristen Mayhew is the star of the Public Defender’s office, with the highest prosecution rate in the area. With this job comes some lovers and haters, one of which becomes a troubled secret admirer. They decide to help her out by killing those who she failed to put behind bars or made it difficult for her to do so. The decisions and actions of the secret admirer puts not only herself in danger but those she loves at risk and all because he/she wants to send Kristen tokens of the murders.

Detective Abe Reagan has just joined the homicide team much to the disappointment of his new partner Mia Mitchell who lost her old partner not so long ago. Between them and the rest of the team, they must work tirelessly and quickly to catch the vigilante who has taken a shine to Kristen Mayhew.

Ok, so I’m not going to give you any more details because I insist that you go out and buy every book that this wonderful author has ever written – I’m certainly trying my hardest to get through them all. With the Karen Rose books, I will let you know which book of which series the story relates to, although you can read them in any order (I just have an obsession with reading books in the order they were meant).
I got to know Karen Rose’ work when I downloaded a copy of Broken Silence, even though it was kind of a short story, it was enough to fuel my appetite. I then went out and bought Closer than you think (not realising that there are many series to the books). My review of Closer than you think will come later, for now, lets get back to this little gem.

There’s only one character that I had no time for and that was the reporter Zoe Richardson, although i’m guessing that this is what the author intended us to feel. The rest of the characters are loveable and I have to say I feel completely in love with Abe Reagan as well as getting a little flustered meeting his brother Aidan.

This story keeps you on your toes right up until the end and makes you really sad when you find out who the killer is. Even though you know they did wrong, you have already developed a soft spot for them and can’t be angry at them.

I absolutely love that at the end of the book there is a page that tells you where the characters are now and also a fun fact section. This is a lovely added little bonus that more authors should use.

Fully, fully, fully recommend this book but if you can read the books in order (that way you get to prolong the Karen Rose experience). Karen is now on my favourite author list for thrillers.

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