Can you remember who I am??

Hey all, guess you don’t remember me???

I started a few years ago writing book reviews on here and sharing journal entries about my thoughts. Somewhere along the road, I lost my way and stopped for a really long time (years of a long time).
I’ve now started a new chapter in my life (pardon the book lover pun) and thought what better time than now to start my blog again. I missed all of you lovely people and fellow bookworms. What have you guys been up to ?? For me, it’s been a crazy rollercoaster, marriage, about to start a new job and new qualifications (yes I never gave up on trying to educate myself more), so many ups and downs (more downs unfortunately) but through it all my books have kept me strong. I know that probably sounds crazy to all of you but for me books are my way of escaping reality whether it’s jumping out of my skin stories (thanks Tess Gerritsen, Karin Slaughter and Karen Rose – yes I have two more favourite authors to add to the list) or whether it’s reading about a sad woman finding love after facing a crazy amount of obstacles, they’ve all helped me get through some tough times.

So let’s delve a little deeper into what has been going on in my life…………..

Marriage – yes it’s official, I found someone mad enough to take me on and keep me forever. We tied the knot in a gorgeous place called Paradise Cove in Orlando in October last year and went to a lovely evening show that I love dearly called Sleuths. Being a murder mystery/thriller lover, I felt right in my element (even if I did make the wrong conclusion – Columbo, your job is safe!). After the ceremony, I decided to treat my new “carer” (let’s face it, I need plenty of them haha) to a surprise game of mini golf on International Drive and yes we did get quite a few looks. Don’t you love when you have crazy ideas like wearing a huge cupcake style wedding dress in twenty-something degrees of heat whacking a golf ball anywhere but in the hole. Still, I thought it was only right to give something back since he’d been so kind as to let us have our day in one of my most favourite countries in the whole world.
After the Florida wedding, we decided that we loved wearing our outfits that much, that we would book a blessing in this country. So it happened and we had a beautiful ceremony in a little place called Rossett Hall in Wrexham, Wales. The highlight of the day other than our lovely friends and family being there, was the cake topper. A beautiful vinyl Mickey and Minnie in a love heart, it was the most gorgeous thing of the day and represented me completely. I have tried to turn my “carer” to Disney but not succeeding very well. Any help would be greatly appreciated on that front ???

New Home – ok it’s not new new but we have only been in here for twelve months so we’ve yet to put a stamp on it and make it our own. I never thought I would see the day when I get excited turning the corner of my street and seeing that this lovely little haven is ours (even more so with the Audrey Hepburn shrine I am slowly building). I will keep you updated on our love nest and the happy changes that get made, hoping for a new garden soon.

Well, that feels like the two most important things in my life discussed. What else can I tell you, oh the wise ones are keeping well and haven’t ended up in a mental institute just yet trying to keep their daughter on the straight and narrow. Wise one number one is visiting the Yoda of the family this week, the highest of the hierarchy and the craziest of us all so I am having to keep an eye on wise one number two and make sure he doesn’t put himself into a diabetic coma over the next few days.
WARNING SOPPY BIT COMING UP!!!! I feel like I need to get this out now whilst we are on about the wise ones, I have never been so grateful for their support over the past few months. They have had to take on my burden and still remain strong for me. I feel completely blessed that not only do I have an understanding mum but she has also allowed me the honour of being her best friend, although not always good when she leads you astray.
I know when you know what has been going on in my life, it doesn’t seem like a massive thing but for me, I have felt like my whole world was falling apart (that’s why the house has become like a library). So what has led me to feel this way, well in a nutshell we want a baby and things aren’t quite going as planned but I am slowly pulling through the other side and trying to focus on doing what I want to do with my life (trust me there’s a lot). I know my condition doesn’t stop me having children but makes it more difficult, I am determined not to give up, I just need to re-evaluate my life and listen to doctors even the parts I don’t want to hear. They did say that IVF may work but I think of the heartache that I have seen people go through with it and wonder if I could cope – yes I can.

Ok so that was the sad part out of the way, normally I don’t talk about the sad things in my life but through this, I have come to realise that there are a lot of women out there going through the same thing and sometimes it’s just nice to know that there are others out there. Yes, wise one number uno, we will go down the IVF route and you will have a grandchild that you will have every day whilst I stick my nose into a book.

What things do I still want to do with my life, my biggest ambition (other than the baby thing) is to write my own novel. I have so many ideas in my head but struggling to find a way to get them onto paper. I get angry that I used to be able to write stories all the way through primary and secondary school, all of a sudden I have a crazy writers’ block so any advice from you authors would be greatly appreciated.

I am currently completing an NVQ L4 in Business and Professional Administration which I absolutely love doing. I have an amazing assessor called Nikki who has been my rock throughout the course and I will be really sad to say goodbye when I have completed (but that is a long way off just yet). It’s so refreshing to have someone teach you that knows what she is talking about but who also makes learning fun and make you want to better yourself. So Nikki if you are by any chance reading this, thank you for your patience so far and helping me towards achieving another of my life goals of working towards getting a degree.

Last but not least, I am about to start my new job this week and really excited. Working for a company whose beliefs are the same as mine. Going to start sounding like i’m on a job interview at this rate. I would love to tell you what my role is but in all honestly I don’t actually know. I applied for one role which I didn’t get but they apparently were that impressed with me that they designed a new role just for me (or rather they elaborated on an already existing role). I felt so honoured that they didn’t want to lose me so upskilled a role. I will be working for a company who deals with apprenticeships and long-term job seekers and offenders who are trying to get back into work. As most of you know, I am no good with tests or exams so I’ve had to rely on things like NVQs and apprenticeships to help me learn in life and progress, hence why I am so excited to be working in this sector. I know if I ever get to do a degree then I will have to sit exams most likely but I am hoping that wise one number two will help me.

Ok so that is more of an insight into my life, you’re probably bored by now and if you have managed to read to the end – well done, I appreciate it.

I will start writing my book reviews again as well as my journals. My life is pretty weird at the moment so you may not get too many journal entries but I will try to keep you entertained for as long as possible.

As always, keep reading and keep dreaming





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