Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel by Jane Costello

Lauren Scott along with her two best friends Emily and Cate live in one of the most romantic settings in the UK – the Lake District, but romance unfortunately is not in their lives at the moment so they decide to join a salsa class for a laugh in the hope that they will meet some lovely men. This is true for Cate and Emily but not Lauren because she already has the love of her life – he just doesn’t know it yet. Since he proposed to his girlfriend,  ‘Loz’ decides the only to get away from him is by moving to the other side of the world and saves like mad to move to Australia.

The salsa class changes all their lives especially when they find out that the hotel which holds so many precious memories for Loz is being bought over by a chain and the memories she had of the place will be gone. What makes it worse is that she has to see the person who took the childhood memories away from her since he’s now become part of the gang.

It’s been a while since I’ve read any Jane Costello let alone chick lit but I forgot what a giggle it can be.

As with most chick lit, you kind of guess the ending but for me it’s about the twists and giggles in between and this book contains a whole lot of giggles.

All the characters are loveable apart from Cate’s mum but luckily she’s only in it for one page. You find yourself wanting get to advise the characters but as they say it’s always easier on the outside looking in. The fact that a book makes you feel that way for me is what makes it a good read.

It’s well worth a read if you are a chick lit fan, possibly a bit of holiday reading. Just don’t expect any big twists as with all chick lit, you just need to enjoy the progress.


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