The Opticians Wife – Betsy Reavley

Deborah or Dee as she later becomes known, was a 17 year old quiet girl who kept herself to herself and enjoyed going to the park to feed the ducks in her lunch break where she worked at Woolworths. This is where she meets Larry and forms an everlasting relationship that is going to turn Dee’s world upside down.
In amongst all the goings on of Dee and Larry’s life, there is a series of gruesome murders that gets Dee worried. Is Larry who he says he is? Has he betrayed her? Can he save her?
This is a psychological thriller that will have you hating and loving characters all at the same time. You think that you have sussed it all out then a spanner gets chucked into the works that makes you doubt yourself.
It is full of quite in-depth grisly bits that shows the author has clearly done her research well and put her knowledge to good use but it keeps you hooked from the beginning, I managed to finish the book in two days.
The only part I was disappointed about (not that it was a disappointment as such) is that who I thought was the killer – was the killer but that didn’t stop me doubting myself a couple of times throughout which to me makes a successful story.
A few spelling and grammar mistakes throughout but please don’t let that deter you from buying this brilliant psychological twisted gripping book. Well worth a read and I also recommend The Quiet Ones by the same author, that will also pull you in from the beginning.

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