Friends At Forty – Angie Dickerson

Samantha and Daniel move to a loft in LA to begin a new chapter in their life since their last child has now flown the nest and left them alone to rediscover themselves. Daniel described it as Act Two of their lives, time to take on new challenges and have the life they couldn’t have with looking after two children.

Samantha decides that their lives are still too boring and that they need to spice things up but she doesn’t realise what hard work it would be between socialising with new neighbours and salsa dancing.It all begins to take its toll and she soon realises that no matter what they try, she still feels as if something is missing. Question is, does she want to be alone and find herself saying goodbye to Daniel and breaking his heart or is it something she wants to work out with him as part of the team that they become over the many years that they have been together?

I was asked by the author to read this book in return for an honest review so here goes…..

I think a lot of couples out there can relate to this book but I also like the fact that I could relate to Samantha with regards to feeling lost and wanting to find what your life is all about. It is clear to see that Daniel dotes on Samantha and I wonder if after reading the story whether it is the fact that he loves her as much as he does that also pushes her away. I really liked Daniels character and the fact that he would do anything for her (lets face it ladies, there’s not many men out there that would act the way Daniel does).

Samantha’s character is a bit of a strange one. I found her to be annoying and pathetic but at the same time could sympathise with her and completely get where she is coming from. I always feel like with acting, if you hate a character then they are usually the best the character for the story. Although I didn’t hate Samantha, the fact I found her whiny was a good indication that she is the best character because she makes the reader feel different emotions.

If you enjoy your chick lit and don’t want a heavy read then this is the book for you.

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