Bent Penny – John Day

D.S. Penny Britain is assigned to a high profile kidnapping case that is somehow linked to ISIS but working on this case puts Penny and others in danger, especially Paul the husband of the kidnapped lady. Can Penny solve this case without anyone else getting hurt and not letting her feelings for Paul get in the way?

Then as soon as one case is cleared up, she gets landed with another, having to help her colleagues out with a series of murders clearly committed by a crazy serial killer or the index murder as DC Sam Hardy calls it due to all the victims having their index finger cut off at the knuckle. The problem with Penny Britain helping with this case is the fact that nobody likes her due to her attitude and the fact she is a bit of a loner. Will D.S Penny Britain catch the killer or will she put those that she cares about at risk and let her personal life get in the way?

I was kindly given a copy of this book before it was releasedĀ to read and review. This is a psychological thriller that I have to be honest is quite a pure stroke of genius in the fact that you read from beginning to end wondering how the two cases are related and if there’s going to be a twist, and guess what……there is a twist. SPOILER ALERT….. The two cases aren’t really related which makes the author very talented to write two stories into one.

You do get to to figure the killer out before the ending but then this is where it becomes completely different from other stories, there is a story after the big reveal.

The only thing I will say is that some parts of the story can be quite graphic and I did feel at times that some characters were a bit over the top but this doesn’t deter you from the story in any way, shape or form.

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