The Widow – Fiona Barton

Jean Taylor is finally free to tell her story to the world and set the record straight about Glen her husband who died suddenly when hit by a bus. Whilst Glen was alive, Jean just wanted to be a supportive wife and encourage them to have as normal as you can have when you have the police and reporters constantly outside your front door.

Glen would never have taken that little girl as far as Jean is concerned, sure he has his secrets but who doesn’t? Does it make him a bad person? Of course not. As far as Jean is concerned, it’s the mothers fault for leaving her daughter unattended outside so why is Glen a suspect? And will they ever find the truth about what happened to the little girl?

This is a psychological with twists and turns everywhere, you think you have it sussed and know the authors game then BAM!!!!! another twist hits you.

WIth regards to the characters, Jean left me with mixed emotion. I wanted to shout at her one minute telling her to just up and leave but then the next I sit wondering if she is actually quite a devious person and not as innocent as she wants people to think she is. Without trying to give too much away, I kept thinking that maybe she had something to do with Glen’s death but whether the author intended that I don’t know. I also felt the same about the reporter as well, was she a victim or just playing mind games ?

I like this book for the same reason I got into Second Life, Disclaimer and Before I Go To Sleep, I have a new found passion for psychological thrillers. The chapters were nice and short for me and the language was so easy going that even on my stressy days, I could still get my head around it all.

This would make a pretty good film I reckon with all the twists and turns.

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