The Dating Detox – Gemma Burgess

After being dumped six times, Sass decides that the best way to avoid heartache and quite possibly poisoning her liver is to create a dating sabbatical (dating detox – hence the title).
The dating detox is the smartest thing she has ever done in her life going from panda eyes and hammer headaches to bliss and birds singing in the trees (cue the Mary Poppins moment). This sabbatical has changed her life including her career and she has now become confident and can start to speak up more. There is just one tiny problem with the detox………Jake.

Jake is a thirty-two year old banker (so clearly obnoxious and full of himself) – Sass and her cronies have a harsher name but should this review fall on young eyes, I am protecting myself from a lawsuit. He’s sexy, funny, clever, sexy, sense of humour and did I mention sexy, so can Sass stick to her sabbatical or is Jake going force her to break the rules ?

This is the first Gemma Burgess book that I have read and have to say I absolutely loved it. It really was the best charity shop buy yet and i’m so glad that someone must have known it would be my kind of book and put it in my path.

The relationship between Sass, Bloomie and Katie is amazing, the story shows a true bond between them and shows how natural they all are with each other.

I love how straightforward the language is in this book and certain sections really did have me laughing out loud especially the angry pirate conversation. As I was reading this book, I kept thinking of a British Sex in the City novel that could be turned into a romantic comedy that most of us could relate to.

Ive said it before and I’ll say it again, I loved loved loved this book and cant wait to read more Gemma Burgess in the future.

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