Second Life – SJ Watson

Julia’s sister Kate is murdered in Paris and Julia is left completely devastated by it all and even worse she has to tell her son Connor, who is actually her nephew (Kate’s son) that she has had since he was a baby and Kate couldn’t look after him.

Julia can’t let the murder rest and ends up becoming good friends with Kate’s flatmate and friend to try and get answers and find out what really happened that night. This journey takes Julia on a journey that is going to change her life forever, entering a world of internet dating and webs of lies being told by those she thought she could trust. Is fantasy about to come reality though and what can she do to protect herself and reveal the truth about her sister?

So trying not to give too much away and I have to be honest, it’s been ages since I read this book but I found it to be a lot like Before I Go To Sleep (I know its the same author so that would make sense) in the sense that the ending leaves you on a complete cliffhanger and wanting to know what the next instalment of their lives will be. There was twists and turns that I definitely didn’t see coming and a few gasping moments but near the end, you kind of sussed who the killer was, which again is the same as BIGTS.

I liked that there weren’t too many characters throughout to confuse you, my biggest pet hate is having to keep flicking back through pages to remember who someone is because there are so many characters that you lose track. The wording like BIGTS is straight to the point and easy to follow, but this story has my one pet hate – llllloooooonnnggggg chapters so that it wasn’t a book I could just pick up when I had a spare five minutes.

All in all, I would like to keep reading more SJ Watson and see what suspense delights she has in stall for us next.

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