Whistleblower – Tess Gerritsen

Victor Holland and Catherine Weaver have their lives entwined in a crazy way when Catherine swerves to avoid Victor on the way to see her friend one late dark miserable night but what is it that Victor is running from and can she trust him alone in the car with her? When she helps him into the car to take him to hospital, little does she know that her life is about to change for good.

Victor has made a discovery and needs to get to the right people before it’s too late, but just exactly who are the right people – the FBI ??? He didnt bank on Catherine becoming a part of his life but now that she is, he must do everything he can to protect her.

Will Victor and Catherine survive this cat & mouse chase or will Victor’s discovery end up long gone?

As most of you know by now I am a massive Tess Gerritsen fan from her Rizzoli & Isles series to her many different novels (still a huge amount that are on my “to be read pile”) that she keeps on throwing out there.

I have to admit this was a refreshing change from the usual medical jargon that goes completely over my head in her books (not a bad thing when I pass out at the thought of a hospital).

This book had me gripped from the beginning and holding my breath in suspense throughout, to me that is what makes a successful book. As with all stories, you know the good guys win but I always believe its the journey from beginning to end that makes a good read and this book has an amazing journey.

The settings and how Tess describes certain scenes makes it easier to picture in my head, I always think if you can picture the story that easy then it would make for good television.

The only downside to this book and one of my pet hates with books in general is the length of the chapters. Most people tend to read when they go to bed or they want to read a few pages at a time, maybe at lunch but with this book you are unable to do that as the chapters are too long.

All in all Mrs Gerritsen, you still have a loyal fan across the pond in the form of………me

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