Before I Go To Sleep – SJ Watson

A story about Christine Lucas, a woman who wakes each morning not knowing where or who she is or what happened in her life. A female in her twenties sleeping beside an older man, it must be a dream or did she do something stupid after a drunken night out?

Then along comes Ben, her doting husband who has nursed her through sickness and held her hand through the trying days as well as having to replay each day over and over again, answering the “who am I”, “where am I”, “what has happened” but never giving up on her.

Chrissy has been secretly meeting Dr Nash even though she knows that Ben would disapprove, how does she remember about Dr Nash??? He suggested she keep a journal that’s how, that and the fact she has a mobile in her bag that rings and its the Dr that she speaks to. Dr Nash thinks that by keeping a journal, over time Chrissy’s memories will start to come back and she will remember what happened throughout her life and be able to get some normality. Does she want to know the truth about what happened to her to cause the memory loss or are there some things that should be kept in the dark ?

This is a another psychological thriller after disclaimer for me and since finishing this book I have to admit I am a little addicted to psycho books now (although I do still love my other genres).

I have to be honest though, this felt like one of those books where you weren’t crazily impressed but at the same time you couldn’t put it down because you wanted to know what was coming next. I read on thinking there was going to be more twists and that I was going to feel that heart stopping tension throughout but it did disappoint slightly,

I did guess who the villains of the book were pretty much straight away but I enjoyed that there were scenes throughout that made you doubt yourself, and I have found this with a lot of thrillers recently.

The one thing I did enjoy with this book was the authors style of writing, there is nothing I love more than an author being blunt and straight to the point. I am finding with  a lot of books that I am reading nowadays, there is always way too much description and when a story is getting gritty, the last thing you want to do is to have to read a paragraph a couple of times to set the scene in your head. Chapters were lovely short chapters so SJ Watson definitely deserves brownie points there

I feel the ending could have gone a bit better as I found I wanted to know what happened next but then again if it leaves you wondering, is that a sign of a successful story? I would definitely like to read more of her books and will be doing so (okay i’ll let you into a secret….. I’ve already read Second Life which coincidently is the next review). I would also really like to see the film to see if it matches what scene I had going on in my head.

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