Weightless – Michele Gorman

Annabel attends her ten year reunion and is surprised when Jack her school crush makes a bee line for her and before you know it, they are spending pretty much every waking minute together and slowly but surely they start to fall in love. However, chick lit wouldn’t be chick lit unless there is a bit of drama involved and Michele Gorman never fails to disappoint. With this in mind, will Annabel and Jack still feel the same when the truth comes out or will their romantic reunion be cut short. Can Annabel tell Jack the truth without losing the love her life ???

So another Michele Gorman book review – told you I was a fan.

This short story is only sixty pages long so perfect for something to read in your lunch break. This is the kind of book that is good for those that want a light read (especially if you’re like me with a head full of rubbish at the moment).

I really like the relationship between Annabel ad her client Katie and how Annabel could see herself in Kate, as she also suffered the same sort of bullying that Kate is going through.

I feel like there is a moral to this story that looks can be deceiving but when you’ve met the right person, you have no need to be someone you aren’t.

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