The Curvy Girls Baby Club – Michele Gorman

This novella features the return of Katie, Jane and Ellie, founders of the The Curvy Girls Club along with their lovely and supportive other halves.
Whilst Ellie and Jane get excited about becoming mummies, Katie gets excited about becoming auntie (lets face it, its the ideal role without all the dirty nappies, lack of sleep etc) whilst still getting use to her new found romance.
This story tells of the next instalment of the girls lives as they have to deal with little hundreds and thousands to honey dew melons, not to mention monster-in-laws, judgemental bosses and company screw ups but hey its all in a days work at the Curvy Girls Club.
I didnt want to give too much away on this story but its safe to say that I am a big fan of Michele Gorman and fully recommend reading any of her stories if you are a chick lit lover.
I find that when I read books from Michele that I have to book (no pun intended) some time to sit and read them because I can never put the book down.
So back to the book itself, the thing I love about the curvy girls is the fact that usually chick lit has a strong romantic presence but this is different, I feel like its more about friendship and support than what married life is all about etc. All of us need a good strong network in our lives and Katie, Jane and Ellie help us to see why.
As for the characters, I liked them all (even the monster-in-law !! I know its usually unheard of) apart from the producers on the tv show that Jane works on. I liked when Janes character gave the big wigs a what for, its so refreshing when you know there’s bosses out there who don’t have a clue and someone can correct them.
Trying not to sound too bias but I really do love Michele Gorman as an author, all I ask is that she slows down with writing so that I can play catch up.

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