No-One Ever Has Sex In The Suburbs – Tracy Bloom

Wow so this is happening, the first book review that I have written in what feels like forever. I have my little note book that I have been making notes in since September last year and finally decided it’s time to get back into doing my reviews and posting them on here.
This book is a follow on from No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday by Tracy Bloom where Ben and Katy are adjusting to life with a new baby in tow and on top of that, they are still trying to fix what was a broken relationship.
Ben thinks that maybe a role reversal is the way forward and will fox their problems, so he decides to stay at home and look after the baby whilst Katy goes back to work since she is the higher earner out of the two of them. What Ben failed to realise is that changing nappies, using a steriliser and nap time really isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and he finds himself turning to the one person he thought he would never speak to again…. Matthews wife and for those of you who don’t know who Matthew is, he was Katy’s childhood sweetheart who she just happened to sleep with whilst she was with Ben (I know, I know – disgraceful).
Is t right for Katy and Ben to keep secrets from each other or is this going to be the deciding factor for them ????

After reading the first book, I couldnt wait to get stuck into the next instalment and boy was I right to get excited. I took this book on holiday with me and really struggled to put it down (you try drinking a pina colada whilst trying to read at the same time).
I have to say that the character Braindead is definitely my favourite by far and he lives up to his nickname. I also like how regardless of him being Matthews friend first, he accepted Katy as a friend regardless of what she done to Matthew and tried to help them out as much as possible.
As with any other chick-lit book, you kind of knew what was going to happen even before it did but the fact that the story was so humourous made it just as enjoyable. The language between the characters and the way that the author wrote the story was really down to earth which I enjoy. I really can’t be doing with thou art and her perfume smelt like rose wine with a hint of chocolate blah blah blah For me the story has to be in a straightforward language that I can grasp the jist from the word go, and thats what this book did for me.
If you enjoy your chick lit then this is a definite book for you but it may be worth reading the first book before you get stuck into this one.

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