Disclaimer by Renee Knight

Well feels like it’s been years since I done a book review so you guys will have to bare with me.

Disclaimer is about a book that ends up next to Catherine Ravenscrofts bedside but she doesnt know how it got there, all she knows is the sick feeling she gets when she reallises actually the book is about her life even down to what she wore on holiday.

Catherine has kept the secret for so long thinking she is protecting those around her but all she has done, is allowed a lie to come out and destroy her family  as well as forcing her to face the reality of what happened that awful night and deal with it the only way she can.

I have so many reviews that I have writtten down that need to be added to my blog but I just couldnt wait to add my review for this book even though it is just  short one because I have spent over half an hour trying to get my wordpress sorted so i`m shattered but anywhoooooo……..

I started reading this book just over five days ago and wasnt holding much hope on completing it, I usually find books like this lose my attention after the first chapter but this had me gripped.

The write up of Renee Knight states that she is a documentary film maker and this is her first novel and all I can say to that is….WOW she missed her vocation in life. It really is scary how well she portrays the characters in the book I felt sympathy and anger towards certain characters like all my emotions were mixed up into one. At one point I wanted to shout to the father of Jonathan “wake up you deluded man and get your facts right before you break a person”, but by the end of the book I wanted to hug him and say well done for seeing sense.

All through the book I felt total sympathy for Catherine whether the author intended it or not. Again there were times when I wanted to shout at her telling her to defend herself which in my eyes makes for a good story. We all want that character to protect and sympathise with and with Catherine we got it.

Cant believe how much I really enjoyed this book and I cant wait for Renee Knight to bring her next book out. It has even persuaded me to read Gone Girl.

Fully recommend to dark thriller lovers.

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