Another quick hello

So I just wanted to say a quick hi to you all, just so you know that I am still here.

I had intended to add my book reviews this week but must confess that I have lost my little book with all the reviews in and I am still trying to get use to my HUDL 2 with keyboard (as they say in the business “other brands are available in all good retail stores”). Do you know how many times I have to hit back space because of the weird keyboard. Wouldnt you think that if you could use one keyboard then you could use them all, but alas this is not the case. I wonder who invented the keyboard (not musical obviously, all though wouldnt that be awesome if you could use a musical keyboard to type essays and play music at the same time) Sir Sugar would be impressed. Ok, slightly going off topic here but im sure you know me well enough by now to know how my mind works (if not then where have you been, you’ve missed a cracker of a blog) – oh hello modesty

So what have you guys been up to ? Anything fun ?? I bet you have been having some crazy times and to make some time to actually read my blog, well thank you kind sirs and ladies, I feel honoured. I do sometimes read back through the blogs i wrote and wonder if they would ever become a film or a cartoon but then who would I want to do my voice over. Sandra Bullock, after all she is a legend. Brb I swear I just heard an owl on my window……………………………so it wasn`t an owl, sorry to get your hopes up. Feel free to go and have a cup of tea to console yourself.

Here’s a random thought, why is it every house that I have lived in has someone who liks to hoover after 10pm at night – what is that all about ????? Maybe it’s something with me. I know I know im going off on one again.

Have you managed to fill your lunchtime break boredom reading this or do I need to fill in the time for you to eat those last few jaffa cakes that you started not less than 10 minutes ago. I feel your pain though, they really are the most addictive yet scrumptious biscuits (or cake if I may) that I have ever tasted. Who does get to decide whether it is a cake or biscuit, after all you do eat them both with a cup of tea or thats the rule anyway unless you are biscuit dunker, in which case NOOOOOOOOO step away from the treats and stick to good old dunkeable rich tea.

So I have been watching quite a bit of tv lately and finally got around to watching Pride & Prejudice with Mr. Firth in it & all I can say is rrreeeeeaaalllllyyyyyy shouldn’t but oh so would. I honestly think that we all have those secret desires for a Mr.Darcy in our life but I am a firm believer that fantasies should stay fantasies because when they become reality, you soon find out its not all its cracked up to be. Maybe that`s why I love to read so much, because it`s a lovely chance to jump into another world & escape the harsh realities of this one. I don`t tend to read non-fiction purely for that reason which is why I never understand why the other half does. Putting your nose in a book or reading a story electronically, is the gateway to paradise in my eyes and if there was such a lovely job out there where you can get paid millions just to read books all day long then I would love it. It would be like being able to visit different countries, see different planets and jump into people`s lives all at the same time – how amazeballs would that be.

OK I have gone slightly tired now & im guessing you finished the jaffa cakes since I seen the orange wrapper lieing empty. I will speak to you all soon & hopefully with my review book

Happy reading as always


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