The Big, Not-So-Small,Curvy Girls Dating Agency by Ava Catori

big curvy


Becky Holgate had a dream to start her own dating agency for the more curvier ladies but with the bank refusing her the money to help get set up, she had to go it alone and so Plush Daisies was invented. With the help of her friend Sam and the luscious Reed Amwell helping out with the photography, will Becky ever find true love and succeed in finding love for women just like her. Can she find a match for her best friend Sam who has trouble getting past the little annoying habits that men she dates has, and can she actually go on a date where she doesn’t sleep with the guy straight away? Sam also has to deal with a little dog grooming competition encroaching on her territory but it may not be a bad situation to be in.

To top it off, Becky ends up falling in love with someone but he is about to get married to someone else and why would he be interested in someone like Becky anyway. Things aren’t that easy for him either, with the wedding planning and mixed emotions running crazy. Why would he think twice about looking at a woman her size, when he can have any girl he wants. Can he remain friends with Becky or is it going to be a challenge keeping his feelings out of the friendship ?

I have to say, I really enjoyed this book from the word go. It had me giggling especially when it came to conversations between Becky and Sam and how honest they are with each other. You could imagine how the conversations on the phone would sound and what they would be like when they are together.

Being not so skinny myself, I could totally get where Becky was coming from with her confidence or should I say lack of. Always deciding that people would judge you for your size and jump to conclusions about what they think. The author really managed to show those feelings in Becky’s character quite well.

I also enjoyed that she wanted people her size to find love as well, and she was prepared to take a risk starting her own business to help them achieve it. There weren’t enough men to pair up to the women when it came to registering potential matches, and I think that shows what the crueller side of society think like and the fact that it does exist.

This story shows that beauty is skin deep and if you can love the person inside then others around you will too. Its your personality that is the true beauty of yourself and not the mirror image that you see in a morning.

I would warn you though, there are some raunchy sections in this book (not fifty shades raunchy) so if you aren’t a fan of a bit of light steam then this book wouldn’t be for you but if you can get past it and see the story behind it then you are in for a treat.

This book is worth 3/5 stars

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