Shopaholic Abroad by Sophie Kinsella

shopaholic abroad


This is the next instalment of the Shopaholic series and sees Rebecca Bloomwood trying out life in New York. She has every intention of taking in the sights like The Guggenheim and The Museum of Modern Art, but she really must see the important sights like Barneys, Saks and even the Sample Sales which you need to keep an eye out for.

Becky manages to get her life back on track with a permanent slot on the Morning Coffee television show giving financial advice to the audience, she’s also managed to pay her debts off and is only buying things on a must have basis. She finally has everything under control and is looking forward to trying a new life out in the US. She has to juggle sightseeing with meetings and important lunches, not to mention having to impress Lukes mum when she goes to spend a day with her.

Slowly, Becky starts to fall back into the same routine as she did before and the debt soon starts to mount up, but has she took it too far this time, causing trouble not only for herself but those closest to her.


After reading the first shopaholic book, I really wanted to read the second one in the series to see what happens to Rebecca next. Having seen the film with Isla Fisher in, I can see a lot of book one and book two in there and have to say after reading book two, I definitely enjoy the books more than the film. I think Becky is someone that we can all relate to, we all make excuses up when it comes to spending money and try to ignore the bills adding up. I felt that even though this book was more about her relationship with Luke, it wasn’t chucked into every chapter and it was nice to see some new characters chucked in there like Mike Ellis.

Just like the first book, I still hate Alicia and only hope that somewhere along the series she is going to get her come uppance because she isnt a very nice character at all as you will see if you read Shopaholic Abroad. There were a few surprises about her throughout the book which made it a worthwhile read, but then I found there were a few surprises throughout the book around different characters.

I also enjoyed the storyline between Becky, Suze and Tarquin and found it quite heart warming, getting a better understanding of Tarquins character – I do hope he will be in the next instalment of Shopaholic (Shopaholic Ties the Knot).

All in all, I found this a really enjoyable read, as I did with the first book and would recommend it to chick lit lovers everywhere.

I give this book 4/5


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  1. justinaluther
    Aug 20, 2014 @ 21:09:25

    I loved the movie and I wasn’t aware it was first a series of books. Thanks for sharing!


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