Shop Gossip by Kathryn Player

shop gossip


Ruth,a charity shop supervisor will do anything to save the shop from being closed down and decides to have a cake sale to help save the shop. She has the help of Molly who is one of the volunteers that works there and Mollys sister Nadia who decides she wants to try her hand at being a beautician. Is Nadia really cut out to be a beautician though – the bank doesn’t think so, and to top it all off, Nadia has the biggest crush on Alex who is the manager of the charity shop only to find out he’s going on a date with someone else after getting the idea from Molly who has signed up to a dating website. Nadia has the bright idea of following him to his date and escaping being arrested by the skin of her teeth.

Does Alex feel the same way about Nadia as she does about him? Can Nadia take a chance at love or just go back to her marriage of 20 years, to a husband who has been having an affair?


I was extremely lucky to have been sent a copy of this book to review before its release date and I was so glad the author asked me.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and was giggling from start to finish. All the way through, I could imagine a bit of a mothers meeting mixed with some ladies detective agency. I really enjoyed the storyline between Alex and Nadia, one minute you were wondering whether they would get together then thinking the opposite the next.

You can’t help feeling sorry for Nadia throughout the book but also end up smiling as you can see the sisterly bond between herself and Molly. Then poor Ruth getting dragged into it all as well. It begins to feel like a best friends club with some lovely bonds.

This is an ideal read for anyone who has time to spare during a lunch break (that’s if you’re like me and take your Kindle everywhere), or just a nice length to sit with a cup of tea and a few biscuits all snuggled up on the sofa.

I give this book  5/5 – I love Kathryn’s stories


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