Orange Is the New Black – Series Review


Released: 11th July 2013

Rated: 18

Viewing Time: 1hr roughly

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Crime

Starring: Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, Jason Biggs as Larry, Danielle Brooks as Taystee, Kate Mulgrew as Red


This series is only available on Netflix

The series is about Piper Chapman and her time in prison where she is serving 15 months for smuggling drug money back into the country for her girlfriend at the time.

Even though this is primarily based on Pipers story, each inmate and officer has a different story going on throughout the series. Some interweave with each other, but you also get to see the story behind the inmates and how they come to end up in prison.

I decided to watch this series after seeing it advertised everywhere and also because my cousin told me it would be something I would enjoy. I have to admit, she was right.

I enjoy finding out the characters backgrounds and the relationships between the inmates and staff at the prison, knowing how they should act and how they actually act in there makes it very entertaining. I think the series shows prison life as pretty much as any other series or film, with relationships and families building, inmates grouping off dependant on their race, age or religion but they all tend to get on as one happy family. As in all families, there are arguments and fights but things always work out in the end.

I must warn though, this series is 18 for a reason and if you don’t like a scene of a sexual nature or a bit of violence in it, then this isn’t for you especially when the fights happen. Although I must admit that I am very squeamish and usually hate things like that but I managed to watch it just fine and still enjoyed the whole of series one and two – can’t wait for series three to come out

I would give this series 4/5 stars

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