Maleficent – Film Review


Released: 28th May 2014

Rated: PG

Viewing Time: 1hr37

Genre: Family Action Adventure with a lot of Fantasy

Starring: Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, Ella Fanning as Aurora and Sharlto Copley as Stefan


Maleficent is a new spin on the classic Sleeping Beauty. It tells the story of the evil villain who places a curse on Aurora, the King’s daughter so that on her 16th birthday, she will prick her finger on a spinning wheel and fall into a deep sleep. The only way to wake her from her sleep is if she receives true loves kiss.

Maleficent wasn’t always this evil though, she was a beautiful young fairy who not only lived in a peaceful forest but also became its fierce protector after a near invasion from the King and his army. As she grows up she falls in love, only to be betrayed by the human who clips her wings in order to take over the throne of the dieing King who tried to attack the forest.

From then on, Maleficent swears revenge against the new King, hence the spell she puts on Aurora when she is born for her 16th birthday. The King then orders Aurora to be taken away and hidden in the land, and all spinning wheels are destroyed. Aurora is looked after by the three little fairies and lives a normal life (as normal as living with three fairies can be) and eventually she starts to explore the wilderness.

As Aurora grows, she becomes inquisitive of the forest and finally meets the villain that placed the curse on her to begin with. Not knowing that this is the case, she becomes a regular visit to the forest and takes a shine to Maleficent.

Maleficent soon realises that Aurora could be the one to bring peace to the kingdom and is forced to change the course of the future.


Being honest, I’m not a massive Angelina Jolie fan (never really have been) but I thoroughly enjoyed her role in this film. She made Maleficent look strong and beautiful but also quite delicate in the beginning.

I love Disney films anyway, so knew that this film wasn’t going to be any different. I also really enjoy when there are spins on the Disney classics such as Snow White (Mirror,Mirror), Wizard of Oz (Wicked) and now Sleeping Beauty. When I was a child, I didn’t really think about why the ‘baddies’ were the way they were, but as you get older and wiser, you start to realise that people had lives before they turned evil, and this is a good way of showing it through children’s classics.

There are a few scary bits for younger children so parents be warned, but all in all thoroughly enjoyed Maleficent and I cant wait to see which villain is brought into the spotlight next.


I give this film 4/5 stars

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