Chef – Film Review




Released: 25th June 2014

Rated: 15

Viewing Time: 1hr54

Genre: Comedy

Starring: Jon Favreau as Carl Casper, Robert Downey Jr. as Marvin (yummy),  Scarlett Johansson as Molly and Dustin Hoffman as Riva

Carl is head chef in a restaurant with his two friends Martin and Tony working alongside him. The film starts off with Carl getting a meal ready for Ramsey Michel, a food critic that is coming later that evening to review the food served. Carl wants to do his own menu but the manager of the restaurant makes him cook what is on the menu so that they play it safe. After Ramsey publishes his review of the food, they start a twitter war and Carl pretty much ends up having a melt down and loses his job in the process.

His ex encourages him to start his own food truck business whilst he is with her and his son Percy in Miami (he was there to look after Percy whilst his ex worked). Eventually, he agrees to this and begrudgingly goes to see the ever so yummy Marvin (better known as Mr Downey Jr – yes please). Marvin is also Inez’s ex partner who manages to fix Carl up with a battered truck that just needs a little work to restore it.

Once Carl and Percy, then Tony (who quit the restaurant later on to work for his buddy Carl) fix up the truck, they embark on a little trip through America, selling their specialities to the public. With the help of Percy, Carl becomes famous through the world of social media and before he knows it, at every stop he has them queuing around the block to get a taste of his culinary delights.

Although the trip is about the business, he starts to build a father/son bond that they were both lacking from the relationship. He soon realises that he is sharing something special with his son and family and ends up successful in love, happiness and business.


I found this film quite slow in the beginning but then it soon picked up when Carl decided to go to Miami with his ex, and by the time the film had finished it didn’t feel like I had sat there for two hours.

I really enjoyed how Carl built his relationship up with Percy, as it was clear that all Percy wanted to do was spend time with his dad and hang out. I also liked the relationship between Carl and Inez, it was so mature and you could tell from the off that they cared about each other.

Also have to say I DEFINITELY enjoyed watching Robert Downey Jr. on screen, he really is one of the yummiest actors ever. His character reminded me of a Del Boy type where there is always some dodgy scheme going on. It was weird to see him in a comedy role, rather than an action hero (dream, sigh).

I like how Carl started the business from just a little food truck then ends up with his own restaurant and a lot of it is down to social media, which I have come to be quite a fan of. It shows that everybody has to start somewhere but if you take a gamble, it can pay off.

All in all I quite enjoyed this film, and even my other half who very rarely likes this kind of comedy, really enjoyed it.


I give this film 3/5 stars – the beginning was a bit too long for me

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  1. fourthmic
    Jul 15, 2014 @ 23:42:43

    I agree with you on the second half of the film. The road trip part of the movie was a joy to watch.


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