Thank You Escaped Book Clubs

I thought whilst my head was in blogging overdrive that I would give you a surprise little entry.

I’m just sat here thinking up new ideas for my blogging and hobbies. The whole reason I started this blog as you know, was because where I live, there are no book clubs within my area (I know I’m gutted as well). The best way to discuss books would be to write reviews for others to read, but as much as I love what I’m doing and have met some fantastic people online (twittersphere), I miss the human interaction and reviews don’t really encourage people to reply back or start a discussion regarding the book. The trouble with me is that I am quite sociable thanks to my mum and I love to meet new people especially when we have something in common that can keep us talking for hours.

I keep debating whether I should start my own book club, but trouble is I don’t have many friends that share the same reading passion as me, or they are all settled down and don’t have the time to sit and discuss books. My other option is start an online book club but again do I run the risk of having no members or us all liking different genres.

I tried my local library but if they have any book clubs, then it is usually office hours which doesn’t help the likes of myself who work full time. The library is still and always will be my place to escape, it’s my dream home if you like. Somebody should invent a 24/7 library where you can go and escape into the tranquil world of stories and become whoever you want to be. As most of my friends and family know, I have suffered with depression but found the one thing that keeps me going (apart from my mum and dad) is reading. When my nose is in a book, so is my mind and that escape is the best feeling in the world so it’s such a shame that it can’t be shared by others, but then again maybe it can. Do I start an online book club or maybe an actual book club ?? I feel like since I started this journey into blogging and reviewing, that I have met so many wonderful people along the way who have helped me to build my confidence by giving me some positive feedback on what I write, and tips on how to become a writer. I also think a lot of this thanks needs to be handed to my dad, the reason the blog kept going for so long, was because I knew how much he enjoyed reading it and it put a smile on his face and he is also the one saying that I should be writing a story and showing my hidden talent.

It can get frustrating when you have so many ideas in your head that would make for a good read (or at least I would read them) but trying to get the words onto paper is a different story (haha just realised what I put there, talking stories and different story).I am determined to get a story written but I need to learn the right tools to use first.


So I guess this really was just a bit of a thank you post to all of you that have encouraged me to keep going, I only hope that I can give you as much satisfaction reading my posts as I get writing them (I’m using that in my speech at the book awards)

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  1. Tracie Banister (@traciebanister)
    Jun 22, 2014 @ 13:31:44

    Angie, I have the same problem you do with wanting desperately to be part of a book club, but not knowing anyone in my area who likes to read the same type of light fiction I do. Seems like every book club I’ve tried or heard about was people reading serious literary fiction or scary stuff, neither of which appeals to me. It’s a bummer!

    One thing I might suggest is making up a flyer about starting a book club and inviting your neighbors to join. You could stick the flyer in your neighbors’ mailboxes or on a community bulletin board. I know some of my neighbors have done this (Unfortunately, the type of book clubs they wanted to start weren’t my cup of tea.)

    I have been a member of an online book club, which had a very specific focus (We read and discussed one Georgette Heyer book every month.), and it was such a fun and rewarding experience as all the ladies were very intelligent and interesting. We had some fantastic discussions! Eventually, the club petered out, so that was that. But I really did enjoy the experience while it lasted.

    I wish you good luck with your search for a book club! Let me know how it all works out. 🙂


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