Moody Not Broody by Kathryn Player

moody not broody

Ok so here goes my second book review already. I decided to give this book a try after reading the authors post on twitter and getting excited that a new chick lit novel was out and after reading the “bumph” on Amazon, I thought why not – and boy am I glad I did, definitely worth the 77p that I paid (yes that’s all it really cost).

So what is this story all about exactly – well here goes……..

Emma has married the man of her dreams (or at least he sounds like the perfect man to me), she was looking forward to years of a happy blissful marriage, but due to a promise that she made to Mike before they were married, she is feeling the pressure of starting a family. What makes it worse is that she is a school teacher so naturally she should want a family – right ??????

Emma needs to convince everyone including her mother, Mike and friends, that she really doesn’t want children and is under no circumstances cut out for motherhood. She thinks she has conquered the problem, when a fantastic job opportunity comes up at the school to help emotionally challenged youngsters. As is always the case though, the plan never goes as it should and Emma finds she has some very difficult decisions to make but will she make the right one….

I loved this book from the off and found myself giggling from the first page. Most women know what pressure there is nowadays for settling down and having a family but so many ladies want to get out there and enjoy life, have a career or take on the world so a lot females would be able to relate to Emma. I for one want the best of both worlds so found I could relate to Emma to a certain extent but my heart also went out to her friend that has been trying to conceive for years.

It was lovely to read about the friendships that Emma had, particularly with her best friends Sean and Laura who always seemed to play a part in the mischief of Emma’s life. It’s refreshing to see those kinds of friendships exist, especially for someone who hasn’t had the opportunity to experience it (I’m a dreamer).

I was sad when I got to the end (it was liking watching a gripping episode of your favourite series and it ending on a cliffhanger and you have to wait months to see what happens). I really hope this is going to be a story of Emma’s life with a few  books being made from it.

Would fully recommend it to all the lovers of chick lit, especially if you want a nice relaxed easy read (imagine sitting by the pool with your Malibu and Coke, reading this story). Thanks to Kathryn Player and I hope we have another soon

I would give this book a 9/10

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