Never smile at a crocodile (stick your tongue out at him)

Did you know: A crocodile can’t stick its tongue out (bet they don’t have any hassle trying to avoid biting their tongue unlike me where its a common daily occurrence)

Good evening campers, hope you are well????

Thought I’d best write another post since it’s been a week already (doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun). Well I’m sad to say that due to me still being unwell, I haven’t really been up to much that I can talk about. I have spent most of the time reading books and trying to avoid the telly because I’m already fed up with World Cup football (football widow here I come), don’t know if it’s the same for anyone else but I can’t say Brazil without suddenly thinking I’ve become Brazilian and throwing in the accent whenever I say Brazil. I would love to go Brazil though to see the festivals, it looks such a beautiful country but knowing my luck, I would end up on one of the floats thinking it was bus taking me to my hotel. That just brings back so many memories of Egypt and Tenerife, although I have gone up in price from just a handful of monkeys. Whilst in Egypt my dad was offered camels and the guys grandfathers land, to which my dad replied, get me a BMW and we’re sorted (at least go for a Lamborghini or Ferrari dad), needless to say I’m still in the UK. Another one did try to ask my dad if he could marry me, to which I replied “would be your worst mistake ever, you would be paying my family to take me back after 24 hours” this is due to the fact that I would spend more time in A&E (or whatever the Egyptian equivalent is) and the staff would know me as the accident prone tomato lady (yes I go beyond red even with factor 50 on). Don’t think they would like my nose being stuck in a book 24/7 either or the fact that I can’t really cook. Ok that’s a bit of a lie, I can cook but for some reason I can only cook fancy meals that involve me using a recipe book, yet I can’t make something simple like an omelette – no eggaggeration (oh James Martin with your Saturday Kitchen, what have you done to me).

I would also really love to go to the Maldives (it was originally the Caribbean that was my dream holiday) ever since I seen that they have holiday apartments – in the sea. Not literally in the sea obviously, last thing I’d be doing would be sharing my bed with Nemo or Dory (although me and Dory would have a lot in common with the forgetfulness) and as many of my family and friends would know, I really don’t like fish, unless they’re in a tank. I went to Lanzarote last year, was in the sea for less than five minutes before I freaked at the giant shark swimming past my feet (it was a shark honest !!!) and I ran as quick as my tomato legs would carry me, never to return to the deep dark wonders of the shark infested waters (OK I know it wasn’t really a shark).

Anyway, sidetracked slightly there as usual. Back to the Maldives and the apartment on stilts, I remember looking at holidays on the net (I’m only thinking of the other half because he needs to broaden his horizons) and seeing this beautiful wooden hut in the sea and it was on stilts with a kind of balcony made of a glass floor where you could see the sea below you, it looked so beautiful. Not sure how I’m going to convince the other half to take me there though (any ideas would be greatly appreciated – I would buy you a fridge magnet in return). Feel like I need to stop talking holidays now, it’s too depressing, although it is less than a hundred days until I embark on my first ever cruise (slightly excited and not counting at all). It has a library on there, so you know I’ll be coming back as white as when I went. My blog will definitely be manic then, providing I aren’t spending most of my time in the medical area due to broken bones (yes I am that accident prone).

So what new ideas have I had with this blog, well I have decided that I’m going to share some pics of a few favourite things in life (there are actually more things than just books you know, although they do come at the very top of the list, even more than Creme Eggs – I know, madness I tell you).I’ve also decided that I am going to have my camera on me at all times in case I see some crazy things when I’m out and about, so you have been warned people, I am armed.

I’m also hoping to get the blog interviews under way soon, so again if any of you would like to be a part of it then please let me know.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about what you would like me to add to this blog then don’t be afraid to contact me, I’m open to suggestions (just don’t ask me to predict lottery numbers every week, I would have more luck achieving the fat free chocolate than getting the winning numbers).

Last but not least, I have had a few ideas for writing a story but still trying to educate myself and completing two qualifications at the moment is hard enough (my nuggets only little, way too many Angie-isms in there). Talking of…..I was once told that cows lie down whenever it’s going to rain to keep that patch of grass dry for them. For a while, I completely believed that was a good idea and cows really are clever, until I realised that if a cow is outside on the grass then they’re going to get wet anyway, so I doubt that one patch of grass that they were using as shelter is going to help much. I am ashamed to admit, that I did believe that statement for about five years (in-laws can be cruel people and why the ex is an ex).

Anyway, bed time for me now, I’m off to dream about monkeys and crocodiles

Happy dreaming my lovelies


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