I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk

I Heart Vegas

Ok so this my proper book review (Angie style), and this is my first time writing a proper review so please bear with me.

I Heart Vegas is the fourth book in the I Heart collection, starting with I Heart New York, I Heart Hollywood, I Heart Paris and then I Heart Vegas. Since I’m abit behind the times with this collection, there has since been I Heart London and I Heart Christmas which I am planning to read over the next over few weeks and leave some reviews.

For those of you who haven’t read the I Heart books yet (what is wrong with you, you’re missing a treat), I will give you abit of background knowledge. Angela Clarke ran off to New York when she caught her fiancé cheating at her friends wedding. She finds herself in New York not knowing where to go or what lies ahead. She checks into a hotel “Union” where she meets her best friend Jenny Lopez. Long story short, she has lots of adventures with Jenny and manages to bag herself a rock star boyfriend, Alex (I know girls, I dream too). The I Heart collection tells of these adventures and mishaps that poor Angela encounters but she always seem to do just fine by the end of it all.

Sadly Angela has lost her job and is about to be deported back to the UK leaving her best friend and rather lush boyfriend behind. Jenny decides to take Angela away to Vegas for a girlie weekend, giving Angela time to decide what she is going to do – could getting married for a visa to stay in the country be the right thing to do or is there some other way around this??

Being completely honest, I have totally fallen in love with Lindsey Kelk as an author, she has a way of bringing you into the stories and at times feeling like you can really relate to the characters. Not giving too much away (I do want you to read it after all), I feel myself relating to both Angela and Jenny in this book. I love that you can start off not liking some of the characters very much but by the end, you kind of fall in love with them. The relationship between Jenny and Angela definitely trumps Alex and Angela and its nice to have a chiklit book that isn’t based purely on the male/female relationship.

I will warn you that this book just like the others in the series, can be laugh out loud funny and when in public can cause a few funny looks from passers by.

I have loved the I Heart series from the beginning and encouraged my mum to read them as well (luckily we have the same taste in books).For any of you who want a light hearted read that takes you away and transports you to another world – then this is definitely the series for you. My only worry is that there wont be any more in the series after I Heart Christmas and I will have to go back to my everyday life of counting penguins and chocolate chips (hehe not really)

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