Did you know: Cows “moo” in different accents depending on where they live – that answered one Angie-ism for me

Wow!! I knew my question about animals talking in different languages would get answered one day (and you all thought I was crazy).

I would like to apologise for leaving it so  long writing my next post, but I had so many ideas on how I wanted my blog to look (hence the three different pages I had going on) I cancelled all other accounts and pages and you’ll be glad to know i’m sticking with just this one. I am still new to it all so please bear with me on this.

So what have you missed in the world of Angie??? To be fair not alot sadly. In my defence, I am still off sick only now the doctor thought it would be fun to stop me driving for a week or two and it feels like my left arm has been removed. My poor baby Cookie sits outside the front of my house looking all sad (and ready for a wash). I want to tell him that it isn’t my fault and that mean nasty doctor made me do it but he wouldn’t believe me. It is now left to my poor dad to play taxi, bet it feels like my teenage days all over again to him.

On the plus side to being off sick, I have managed to watch a lot of Sky catch up including Almost Human (love it, love it, love it) Michael Ealy is extra yummy as i’m sure you ladies will agree from the pic below.

Michael Ealy

I’ve also had time to try and sort this blog out to make it look more “Angie” like – what do you think ??? And I managed to get a lot of my coursework done, considering I was in the education and training sector for years, it has been really tough going but if it means I get the second job I want out of it (first one being as discussed previously, owning my own book shop without people actually buying books) then I will push myself.

Ok so this was only going to be a little post today as I have just written my first official book review on Lindsey Kelks “I Heart Vegas” please take a look and let me know what you think. I tried not to be biased as I do love Lindsey Kelk books and currently reading About A Girl but I wont give too much away on that, I want to save it for my next review.

Ooooo….I forgot to mention that I applied to be a volunteer reviewer and help with the blog sites on chick lit club website, so just waiting for a response and hoping I get given the opportunity (lets face it, they certainly wont get another one like me on their team). I have also decided that I am going to do interviews to add to my blog, I would like to interview authors but I think it would be good to add other interviews into the mix, so if you would like to be one of my guinea pigs, then please let me know


Anyway, time to take the looney pills (seriously trying to work out when to eat food and take the antibiotics is sending me looney)

Happy Reading



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