Heaven comes in the form of a book

Did you knowa camel has three eyelids (Clinique are missing are a trick there)

Ok so hopefully this is going to be a quick post due to the fact that I have very little battery life left.

I finally got around to finishing I Heart Paris by Lindsey Kelk and I have to say I love her even more, she is definitely my top author (don’t worry all you other authors out there, I have plenty of love to go around). As soon as I put the book down, I picked up I Heart Vegas and when I say I picked up the story, I literally mean the book because let’s face it as much as I love my Kindle, nothing beats the smell of books and my favourite place ever is the library, it’s like my junkie heaven. However, when I do go to the library I seem to lose all will power and that one book I was returning ends up being four more books out on loan.

Anyway back to the lovely Lindsey, she has been quite an inspiration to me or should I say Angela Clarke has. Angela has her own blog where she tells her readers about what is going on in her life (sound familiar). I’m not going to give too much away because quite frankly you should put your hands in your pockets and buy the books (I promise you will get addicted).

So long story short (get it – story), Angela has a rotten boyfriend called Mark who cheats on her and she runs off to New York, meets Jenny and falls in love. I aren’t going to tell you any more than that, you need to read I Heart New York and I Heart Hollywood. After that along comes a little trip to Paris for Angela where she has more mishaps (crikey it’s like looking in a mirror). I have to be honest, I fell in love with Angela from day one and felt myself getting lost in her world as I turned every page (aahhh that lovely book smell).  I always love when you can connect with the characters and she really is someone that makes you smile – actually scrap that, the books need to come with a warning on them because from page one of every I Heart book, you will giggling out loud (yes I do get some funny looks for it). I can’t wait to get stuck into the next book and find out what mischief Angela gets up to next.

Wow have I actually just done a book review – well an Angie review (yay me)

It is an Angie review as all my others will be, but as I mentioned before this is more my inner thoughts and feelings rather than proper reviews of things. I know that the norm is to write about something specific and add pictures and links (there will be some soon I promise) but as I mentioned before, I aren’t the norm and that isn’t what this blog is about. I wanted somewhere to share memories and ask questions such as can a foreign cow understand an English cow – welcome to your first Angie-ism, or can different animals understand each other – I know they can in animal farm but can they in real life.


Anyway as I mentioned, this was a quick post due to lack of battery and brain power but stay tuned for the next instalment of Angie’s crazy world and all you authors out there, I am coming for your books so be prepared.

Goodnight all and happy dreaming and please feel free to follow me or post a comment



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