Einstein and Polar Bears

Did you knowall polar bears are left handed

Wow you lucky people, two posts in a week – you are special!!

I’m writing this all snuggled up in my bed as I am a poorly puppy but thought a little Angie conversation may make me feel better. So this week so far has consisted of me burning my mouth on a skinny latte (maybe that’s why it’s called skinny – you don’t put weight on because it’s that hot you can’t drink it and therefore aren’t putting the calories into your body). I then proceeded to attempt to cook a beef joint, only to drop it in a washing up bowl of fairy liquid, but since my mother (aka the wise one) believes in waste not want not, I rinsed it off and cooked it. Then today cooked something in the oven that encouraged the smoke alarm to go off (I have established I’m definitely my mother’s daughter). I say that because she has a habit of frying sausages and causing the smoke alarm to go off – like I say mother’s daughter. As you can see, it’s been a pretty trying week for me so far but I blame the penicillin (well seriously like I’m going to admit that this is me normally).

Note: Seriously what is it with my vampire neighbours that seem to come alive at night doing housework???

So reading back through my posts (there’s a lot going on in this nugget), I believe I mentioned Merlin and his teapot. After sitting with my folks “the wise ones”, we started to talk about my blog and the whole Merlin story. I’ll be completely honest with you, I couldn’t remember anything about the story other than I was in Cornwall and went down into some caves with my dad “wise one the second” and left there leaving my story behind. As you probably guessed, according to wise one the second, Merlin had a magical teapot and he put lots of secrets in there and hid it in the cave for someone to find one day. Unfortunately that’s all I can remember of the story but in my defence I was only little. Merlin is probably searching in the cave for it still.

A little more insight into Angie – I have so many goals and aspirations but never seem to push myself to achieve them. Kind of like that weight you were going to lose by this time next year but never happens. For once, I have started something I said I would (this blog obviously) and I intend to see it through for as long as my readers want me to (and a little bit after but hey there is a lot in my head that still needs to go down on paper err, typed documents). Starting this blog has given me the push to seriously look at writing as a hobby, after all it used to be my favourite subject at school and being a book worm is a massive bonus. Maybe one day I will write a story that people enjoying reading and it can end up on the Fantastic Fiction website (my lifeline to the book world).Since I have a unhealthy obsession with books (hi my names Angie and I’m a bookaholic (yay new Angie-ism) I tend to buy a load of books from an author and never figure out which order to read them in. Fantastic Fiction is soooo good because it tells you the order and when new releases are coming out, which gives me time to save my book pocket money. For now, this blog is my first chapter (oooh autobiography material) to a life worth of stories.

Thank you again for reading and feel free to follow and comment


Off to read some more I Heart Vegas (look the quicker I read it, the quicker you get your Angie review).


Sweet dreams all


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