Back By Popular Demand

Did you know – Kangaroos can’t hop backwards (guess nobody tried giving them a few sherbets on a night out)

Sorry for the delay in the second instalment of my introduction but things are major hectic trying to complete two qualifications within a month, read as many book as possible (honest, that is a challenge – I’m not lying. Oh ok you got me) and watch as much catch up and DVDs as I could.

So when I wrote the first blog, I have to be honest I really didn’t think anybody would read it especially being new to all this and not having the creative writing skills but apparently people do like it and want to read more about the world of Angie (it can be one crazy world let me tell you). I did originally start to write this just for myself but it gets so lonely in Angie’s world at times, I want to share the craziness with you.

Here is the final part of my introduction before the blogs really kick in – you really have let yourself in for it now J

Note: Why do people think it’s normal to hoover late at night?? Am I missing something here?? Answers on a post card please.

Anyway back to me, as I mentioned before I am a massive bookworm and love all sorts of books but my all-time favourite authors have to be Lindsey Kelk, Sophie Kinsella and last but not least Tess Gerritsen. As you can probably guess from that last sentence, I like anything from chick lit romance to murder to some biographies (although they have to get me from start – Michael Mcintyre’s book beyond hilarious and causes a few looks when out in public and you snigger to yourself).

This blog was influenced by Lindsey Kelks’ character Angela (brilliant character name and I am the perfect person to play her in a film – more on that later) in the ‘I Heart’ series. I started to read I Heart New York and fell in love with it but I won’t give too much away, don’t want a spoiler alert. Reading the books, I feel like I can relate to the characters mishaps –maybe it’s the name.

Sophie Kinsella also writes amazing books although I am ashamed to admit that I have yet to read the whole Shopaholic collection, so if anyone wants to buy me the books for an extra extra extra early Christmas present then I would be grateful.

Then we move on to my other favourite author Tess Gerritsen – the woman is a legend with the murder stories and has me gripped from page one, so much so that my entire book shelf consists of 90% of her books, now I just have to figure out what order to read them in.

You can probably suss by now that I am a total bookworm and my dream job would be to own a book store where I could just sit and read all day but nobody is allowed to buy the books – ok so technically that is called a library but why put a label on it. I wish I could win the lottery and just stay in reading all day and writing reviews on books but let’s face it, there’s more chance of scientists inventing fat free chocolate – what a dream.


So I had a little list that I was going to stick to for this blog but hey it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want to. I do realise that this has suddenly become a very long blog but they will be shorter in future (in my defence, I have 30 years to discuss with you). You still need to learn about Angie-isms such as “manist” – yes that does exist, look it up in the Angie dictionary (and there is my million pound idea #copyright). I have decided for fun to add random facts at the beginning of my blog, seems fitting for a random person.


But for now thank you for taking the time to read this and I look forward to more feedback – be nice

Goodnight all and happy dreaming


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